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VAG COM 409 Baby Doll torrent download


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The software has been tested on Windows 7 Ultimate x86 and it works if you follow the instructions below. It can also work with other versions of Windows, but you have to experience it for themselves.

If you have problems running the programmatuur64 bit version of Windows, check out this link:

Install instructions:

1. Run “VAG-COM”

2. Select the destination folder in “C: VAG-COM”. Avoid setting the “Program Files”;

3. After the installationcomplete movement “VAG-COM Release 409-1” shortcut from the desktop to the folder “LNG COMnavantazhuvach”

4. Use pressure “” to start the program.

Do not close the Launcher window (the black one) until you’re done with the app. Booster makes the application registered during use. When the application runs without run will discover datinligting is not registered, and you can not use all the functions

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